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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The Western Australian government has just closed consultation on proposed Veterinary Practice Regulations. Most New Zealand veterinarians will find the degree of de-regulation and enabling of lay people very challenging:

"The following are included for consultation as acts of veterinary medicine that may be performed by authorised persons:

  • diagnose disease

  • administer by injection:

    • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

    • local anaesthetics

    • sedatives

    • tranquillisers

    • euthanasia agents

    • muscle relaxants

    • reversal agents used in conjunction with sedatives or tranquillisers

  • ova and embryo transplants

  • artificial insemination by surgical (laparoscopic) method

  • administering contraceptives or other medications to dogs in the pastoral region

  • equine dentistry (addressed in the dentistry consultation section)

  • stomach tubing or naso-oesophageal intubation of horses

  • acupuncture procedures."

An Australian veterinarian sought support from a VAWA member through their equine dentistry connection (Yes! That old lemon again!) and we were happy to respond and help!

Read our submission here.

VAWA expressed grave concern that such changes would cause far fetching negative outcomes on animal welfare, human health and safety, economy as well as competition and consumer rights principles. We would also question whether this proposal meets the necessary animal welfare standards that Australia’s trading partners, and consumers expectations.

We noted identical arguments being presented to those heard during New Zealand's Significant Surgical Procedures consultation, that resulted in unregulated, unregistered persons, with unknown and/or disputed quality of education, and/or no formal education at all, being enabled by our Government to do some SSPs.

This completely undermines and is contrary to acceptable animal management and use and demonstrates regulatory capture that is present in both New Zealand, and Australia.

Best of luck to our colleagues in Australia!

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