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Better welfare for dairy cattle - surely that's easy?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

2022 has many offerings in the animal welfare world, including review of the pigs (see Pigs, crates and conflicts) and dairy cattle Codes of Welfare.

VAWA had a long chat with Andy from The Rural Round Up on the proposed changes, and noted that yet again, the argument will centre around the eternal economic vs. animal welfare conflict. AgriVet published our views too.

The Animal Welfare Collaborative (@LetsTAWC) shared our Podcast too (check out the Podcasts and Presentations section). The Animal Welfare Collaborative (TAWC) is a university-led, society-wide network dedicated to improving the welfare of animals through collective action. We are delighted to be included in their July Snapshot.

VAWA's submission on the Code is coming soon!

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