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Educating the educators

VAWA was delighted to have the opportunity to speak at the inaugural Animal Health and Veterinary Nursing Educators' Symposium (July 2022).

Given our deep love of all things animal welfare, the opportunity was seized to bring the educator's team up to speed on the history and then the current state of play on animal welfare.

Scenarios outlining how this impacts them in their day-to-day lives as guardians, veterinarians, allied veterinary professionals and educators was then explored.

It was well received!

Hi Helen, I just wanted to say that I loved your talk yesterday.

It was a million times better than I expected a welfare talk to be. I clearly didn't know what to expect and underestimated the dynamic nature of welfare advocacy. I learned so much.

It was eye opening and amazing that I could have 30 years experience in the sector and didn't know those things. I am keen help in any way that I can. Our sector, at least, needs more education in this space. You should do some webinar roadshows about this!"

Reach out if you this sound like something you or your organisation would like to talk to VAWA about, or if you want to know the answer to the last question in the PowerPoint!

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