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Pigs, crates and conflict

Updated: Feb 9

The 2022 Code of Welfare review on the pigs code has caused a ferocious response from parts of the pig farming community, while other pigs farmers are not getting much of a platform.

Bottom line: farrowing crates have to go (they do not meet minimum requirements of the Act); systems' change is hard; farmers may need support.

Supporting our farmed animals' welfare (both physical and emotional) is the way to protect our farming industries.

VAWA was delighted to be able to have an in depth chat about how we got to where we are with farrowing crates.

Other media included lots of support on Twitter and in interview with Andy Thompson on The Rural Round Up.

The Animal Welfare Collaborative (@LetsTAWC) shared our Podcast too (check out the Podcasts and Presentations section). The Animal Welfare Collaborative (TAWC) is a university-led, society-wide network dedicated to improving the welfare of animals through collective action. We are delighted to be included in their July Snapshot.

In addition to media, along with other advocates, VAWA attended an MPI-led meeting in Wellington on the draft Pigs’ Code. All except one of the participants were well aligned and advocating for better animal welfare, rather than the economic imperative, and as a result NAWAC heard a strong alignment for the changes they are proposing that improve pigs’ welfare.


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