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Animal Welfare | Policy & Positions

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Policy | Animal Welfare

Animals are sentient, have intrinsic value, and their welfare matters. In its 2015 amendment, Aoteaora New Zealand's Animal Welfare Act 1999 acknowledged the sentience of animals:

Contemporary animal welfare thinking means enabling our animals to have positive animal welfare outcomes, rather than just minimising their suffering. Positive welfare can be experienced by an animal when it has opportunities to engage in activities it finds rewarding. These opportunities can be enhanced by appropriate access to food and water, shelter, companions, disease treatment and injury prevention, and the ability to express normal behaviours.

Position | Use

Ongoing use of and engagement with animals must include continual progress towards “A Good Life” for them, which means moving away from limiting animal suffering to providing opportunities for positive and enriching experiences.

When innovating on matters that affect animals (e.g. virtual fencing technology; deer milking; fodder beet) expert animal welfare opinion should be sought to ensure animal welfare outcomes are acceptable.

Position | Transport - see more here.

Animals should only be transported when their welfare can be appropriately managed, including for the pre- and post- transportation period, and the journey itself. Stressors may include mixing, close confinement, different stock people and handling techniques, movement of the vehicle and the novel environment.

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