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STOP PRESS | Livestock Exports - GONE!

Updated: Apr 6

It has happened! Livestock export is banned!

(But under threat in 2024 - see here for more information)

This is a significant win for animals in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is extraordinarily wonderful because it is a decision that was wholeheartedly driven by doing what is right for the animals. Economics and vested interests did not control this decision.

THANK YOU, Minister Damien O’Connor, for being brave and making the right decision - a decision that is solidly back by science, and due to significant concerns raised by the Heron review.

There has been an enormous team effort over many years, that has included the public, our team of New Zealand animal welfare advocates, veterinarians (including one particularly brave veterinarian), animal welfare organisations, and we had a little help from our friends from over the ditch.

Finally, to the farmers who supported this ban, who chose not to partake in this industry, and who spoke up to say as much - thank you. Your voices count and make a difference.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! #wedidit #teameffort

Livestock Exports | It Must Stop - 20th April 2022

Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Aotearoa champions the banning of livestock exports by sea. During consultation, the Primary Production Select Committee (PPSC) heard evidence and then delivered a hung jury verdict regarding the proposal to ban the trade.

VAWA's views on this were reported in the NZHerald and we made a comprehensive oral presentation to the Primary Production Select Committee.

With few veterinarians stepping up to advocate for the animals, VAWA was delighted to see one brave individual did just that - the written submission is a MUST read, and a harrowing read. It makes the need to ban livestock exports unequivocal.

National's 2023 Farm Policy Proposals | Response April 2023

“It is enormously disappointing to hear that the National would consider reinstating livestock exports. It’s especially disappointing given that several National Party MPs sat in on the Select Committee hearing where a harrowing description was given of animals’ experiences during livestock export."

"Mark Willis’ (Live Export New Zealand) comments on RNZ’s AM Rural News (17/10/2023) regarding reinstating livestock exports within a year are alarming on many levels. Willis’ comments demonstrate yet again how economic gain and short-term thinking are prioritised over animal welfare and Aotearoa’s long-term agricultural strategy," says Dr Helen Beattie, Managing Director of Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Aotearoa (VAWA).

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