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Livestock exports | #protecttheban | sign the petition

Updated: 5 days ago

Our world leading ban on farmed animal export by sea is under threat!

The 'bedding' provided to cattle.

The ban (effective 1st May 2023) was a significant win for animals in Aotearoa New Zealand. It was extraordinarily wonderful because it was a decision that was wholeheartedly driven by doing what is right for our animals and our animal welfare credentials. Finally, a decision that was not controlled by vested interests and economic gain for a few!

Sadly, in 2024, due to the interests of and gain for a few, short term thinking and disregard for the welfare of our animals, the ban is now under a very real threat, as the coalition government promises to repeal it.

VAWA and other welfare advocates such as SPCA, SAFE and HUHA are supporting Dr. John Hellström's petition to retain the ban. Please sign the petition to add your voice to the campaign to the #protectheban.

Steer with pus coming out of leg wound - Anon Vet

For other information on the ban:

VAWA in the media

“It’s choosing to serve the needs of a small number of people who make money out of an industry that is otherwise nonsensical,” says Beattie. “I’m seeing a complete and utter lack of strategy around what’s good for our people, our animals, our economy, and our long term survival.”

  • Agribusiness

'In fact, it’s remarkable how tone deaf the ‘bring back live export to NZ’ message has been as MV Bahijah and the Al Kuwait live-export scandals have lit up global headlines.' 

Join VAWA and help us protect our animals from this heinous practice. Our animals need your support!

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