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VAWA Position | Pain - coming soon!

Updated: May 1

'Pain is ‘…a clinically important condition that adversely affects an animal's quality of life.’[1] 

Given animals are sentient, and their welfare matters, managing and mitigating pain is necessary to provide animals with acceptable welfare and enable them to have A Good Life.

All animals, irrespective of their purpose or use, deserve to be safeguarded from unnecessary and/or unreasonable suffering (pain and distress).

Where possible, painful procedures should be avoided, and when this is not possible, pain relief should be provided.'

VAWA's Position | Pain will soon be out for member consultation - the statements above are a taster of what's included.

Click the link to read to our published position on lamb pain during tailing and castration which are both significant surgical procedures.

'The precautionary principle should be engaged in addressing pain in lambs; perfection ought not stand in the way of progress, and even incremental, imperfect steps to reduce lambs’ suffering from painful husbandry procedures should be embraced, and encouraged by veterinarians.'

Tailing at Patearoa Station

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